Dagsnotering 2024-02-27    Cu Cash USD/ton:8 396,5    Zn Cash USD/ton: 2 398,0    1,00 USD; SEK: 10,2907    1,00 EUR; SEK: 11,1675

Full service - under one roof

Nordic Brass Gusum manufactures semi-finished products at one of Europe's most advanced brass production plants. Customers include companies in the heating, ventilation and sanitary industry, the engineering and automative industries, the building industry, and electrical and telecom industries.

We supply the market with a wide range of high-quality brass products such as round, square and hexagonal rods, profiles, nuts and ingots.

The major part of our output is supplied to customers in the Nordic region, our home market, in the form of blanks for further manufacturing. Finished products include screws, nuts, taps, pipe fittings, lock parts, electrical components and ornaments.

Our experience of brass and brass manufacturing goeas back to 1607, when Skultuna Messingsbruk was founded, and to 1653 when Gusums Bruk was founded. 

Quality and the environment
The quality of our work is governed by the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, certified in Sweden by BVQI. The quality management system supports our processes so that reliable manufacturing and control routines are maintained, from purchasing to finished product. At the same time, the system is a guarantee that customer requirements are fulfilled in all processes, from original quotes to final delivery.

The productionof brass, with its smelting, casting and pressing processes, impacts the environment in a number of ways. These processes are regulated by a number of statutory directives and permits issued by the authorities. At Nordic Brass Gusum environmental issues are systematically dealt with implementing an environmental management system, ISO 14001:2015, certified in Sweden by BVQI. 

Experience and knowledge
Brass is a recyclable material that has a given place in environment-friendly industrial production. It is profitable to recycle brass and nearly 90 percent of the raw material we use is made up of brass scrap, which is either returned material from our customers or material from recycling companies. To avoid impurities, very high demands are made when sorting and classifying the recycled material.

Our operations are based on well-proven research and development carried out in close cooperation with our customers. We know that our customers want to feel our support and to have access to high-quality products, technical advice and the shortest possible lead times, in other words - full service. Development work is also aimed at finding new uses for brass. 

Service and commitment
We are well established on the Nordic market and have learnt a great deal about our customers' demands regarding quality, delivery reliability and flexibility. We are committed to creating strong and long lasting relationships that will benefit both parties. We have sound knowledge about brass and are more than willing to act as qualified advisers to our customers.