Dagsnotering 2024-07-05    Cu Cash USD/ton:9 809,0    Zn Cash USD/ton: 2 955,0    1,00 USD; SEK: 10,4977    1,00 EUR; SEK: 11,3375

Packaging of ingots

Ingots will be delivered on EU pallets.
The stacked pallet dimensions are 800 mm x 1200 mm with the height of 340 mm.
The ingots are stacked in four layers where:
Layer 1 & 3 has 2 x 20 ingots placed across pallet direction.
Layer 2 & 4 has 13 x 3 ingots placed along pallet direction.
Totally the pallet contains 158 ingots.
Net weight is approximately 1210 kgs.
Gross weight is approximately 1230 kgs.
The packaging consists of three transversal steel strips and a shrinked plastic hood.
The label is placed on one of the short sides.
When polishable quality is delivered the upper right ingot on the label side is polished.