Dagsnotering 2024-04-19    Cu Cash USD/ton:9 749,0    Zn Cash USD/ton: 2 833,0    1,00 USD; SEK: 10,8971    1,00 EUR; SEK: 11,6370

Rod AquaNordic®, lead free brass

Nordic Brass Gusum has developed a production method for lead-free brass, the AquaNordic® process. With the AquaNordic® method, automatic brass, CW510 AquaNordic® and dezincification-resistant brass (DZR) CW511 AquaNordic® are manufactured. The alloys are lead-free and have high machining properties at the same level as brass with higher lead contents. Nordic Brass Gusum also has a lead-free alloy for ingots intended for low-pressure and die-casting, CB771S AquaNordic®, the alloy is dezincification-resistant and polishable. In addition, the alloys meet all regulatory requirements and are one hundred percent recyclable.

 AquaNordic® is available in two alloys for rod, CW510L AquaNordic® and CW511L AquaNordic® (dezincification-resistant) and ingots for casting CB771S AquaNordic® :

CW510L_Stång_eng_utg 2.pdf