Dagsnotering 2022-08-16    Cu Cash USD/ton:7 992,0    Zn Cash USD/ton: 3 877,0    1,00 USD; SEK: 10,3860    1,00 EUR; SEK: 10,5330


Brass Specialists


Nordic Brass Gusum is a company with considerable experience in the brass industry and a long history of specialisation and origin back to 1600. Our production plant is situated in Gusum with a capacity to produce 25,000 tons of brass annually.


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Dagsnotering 2022-08-16

Cu Cash USD/ton: 7 992,0
Zn Cash USD/ton: 3 877,0
USD/SEK: 10,3860
EUR/SEK: 10,5330

Full service - under one roof

Nordic Brass Gusum manufactures semi-finished products at one of Europe's most advanced brass production plants. Customers include companies in the heating, ventilation and sanitary industry, the engineering and automative industries, the building industry, and electrical and telecom industries.

Scrap collection routine

At Nordic Brass, we have developed a scrap collection routine for our customers.

The scrap collection routine makes it possible for us to re use the scrap from our customers in our facility in Gusum.

If you are interested to know more about our scrap collection routine don't hesitate to give us a call.



Our quality is controlled by a quality management system that is certified according to EN ISO 9001: 2015 by BV in Sweden. The standard requires continual improvement, management and analysis of the various processes.